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Fishing the Lake Worth Lagoon for over 45 yrs. Capt. Danny Barrow is a True Florida Native, Born and raised in West Palm Beach. His father was an avid inshore and offshore fisherman and started the skipper fishing at a very young age.

Capt. Danny’s passion is Snook fishing and he searches for the “Rock Star” Sport Fish year round from Palm Beach to Boca Raton. “When he isn’t fishing”!  As the East Fl. VP of the Florida Guides Association you’re likely to find him advocating for the Recreational Angler and Voicing for the Protection of the Fisheries and Fishery Habitat state wide.  Capt. Danny has been featured in numerous fishing seminars and various fishing magazines and TV fishing shows.

Capt. Danny targets snook, tarpon, jacks and sharks, through out the Lake Worth Lagoon. Techniques used to target species includes artificial lures, fly, and live baits.

Seasonal changes mean changing habits for all fish species. Different types of bait fish migrate along beaches and into coastal estuaries throughout the year and Capt. Danny keeps a pulse on them as “You”will be using them to hunt for Snook. Peak months for catching a Trophy Snook in the LW Lagoon range from Mid-March to Late October. However local knowledge has its benefits and if the “Big Girls” are around you can bet you’re going in search of. Snook are the Skippers target species but it’s not uncommon to catch an array of fish while on the hunt. “Never underestimate the allure of an artificial bait”! Capt. Danny is sponsored by the finest artificial lure company’s and his clients have landed thousands of fish over the years and have caught & released Snook in the 30lb. class fishing his artificial baits selections. The Captain will tell you, “I’m no Pro Fly Guide”! But he admires the long rod angler and is always up to the challenge of working with them. Clients have had many productive nights fly fishing bridges and dock lights with him as well as day time Bonita and Mahi offshore, He has the choice flies to get the job done. “Enjoy your trip with him”!


“To have a Safe & Fun time on the water catching fish and creating memories”!

Capt. Danny Barrow

Inshore Light Tackle Fishing

United States Coast Guard Licensed and Insured.



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